Texarkana Area Guide

Welcome to a place unlike any other in the world—Texarkana. Located at the central meeting place and equal parts of Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas and Northwest Louisiana, this area is rich with cultural history and a flavor all its own.

Texarkana—A Place Like None Other

With two universities, an amazing cultural and arts scene, museums, theater, live entertainment venues, a rodeo and fairgrounds, fantastic fun spots for the kids, a gorgeous park system designed to delight and relax visitors and locals alike, as well as a bustling business community, Texarkana is known for its friendly residents and a refreshing vitality of spirit.

The Basics

So, if you're in town and need to know a few facts about getting around or connecting with a particular group, please feel free to contact:

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Whether you're in town for work or as a patient or would simply appreciate knowing about the hospitals and medical facilities in our community, please feel free to explore the offerings of Wadley Regional Medical Center and St. Michael Hospital.

From rodeos to ballet to green sustainability to a storied, fascinating historical past, Texarkana is a wonderful place to visit and live!
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