Texarkana Convention CenterSM: Home to Green Meetings and Events

Being Green is Actually Easier in the Long Run

Not only are environmentally friendly practices healthier for our planet, they're healthier for us, too. From recycling, reducing and reusing to carpooling and building an energy-efficient home, every little thing you do to improve our one and only planet improves your life, the lives of those around you, and the lives of future generations.

The First LEED Certified Convention Center in Texarkana

We want to keep our planet beautiful. We're sure you do, too. For the love of our planet, Texarkana Convention CenterSM is proud to be a LEED certified convention center—the first of its kind in Texarkana and many, many other places the world over. We look forward to bringing guests from all over the world to Texarkana to attend exceptional, environmentally responsible and efficient green-minded meetings and events.

We've Told You Why. Now, Let Us Tell You How.

Created with sustainability and environmentally sound practices in mind, our LEED designed Texarkana Convention CenterSM has been built from the ground up with myriad detailed considerations for the health of our planet at the forefront of our planning process. The buzzwords? Protection and preservation.

How We Built a LEED Certified Convention Center in Texarkana

  • Improved Storm Water Usage by Reducing the Amount of Water and Increasing the Quality of Water Running Off the Site
  • Created Community Connectivity by Planning for Connection to a Future Linear Park Adjacent to the Site
  • Kick-Started Water Conservation by Using Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures, Drought Tolerant Landscaping and a Water-Saving Drip Irrigation System
  • Increased Energy Conservation by Using Energy Efficient Heating And Air Conditioning Units, Light Fixtures and Increased Building Insulation
  • Heightened Indoor Air Quality by Using Interior Finishes of Lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Focused on Using Regionally Produced Products Wherever Possible

To learn more about the U.S. Green Building Council or LEED, please visit the U.S. Green Building Council site.

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